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Abarimon is an ancient race of beings that closely resemble humans except that their feet appear to point backwards instead of forwards. The Abarimon people share the same name with their country which is situated in the great valley of Mount Imaus (high in the Himalayan Mountains).

The air of the valley is enchanted so that once you breathe it in you can never leave the valley alive. This helps to protect the valley and keep its exact location secret.

The Abarimon are uncivilized, live side by side with wild animals, and despite their odd feet are able to run incredibly fast.

A common belief is that they turn their feet backwards by wearing a certain type of sandal, but this is highly unlikely since it's impossible to do.

They may have unusually large or strangely shaped feet that only appear to point backwards or they may wear masks on the backs of their heads that make them seem to be coming instead of going.