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The Ahool is supposedly either a giant bat, a pterosaur or a giant flying chimpanzee.

Description Edit

The idiosyncratic creature has definitely not been documented in great detail. It was named because the sound it made(AHOOOOOOOL). It's natural habitat is in the rain forest of Java. It has big black eyes, claws that are the size of an infant, and is covered in dark grey hair. It said to have a wing span of 10 feet. Making it having larger wings than any bat known to man.

However many people believe that the mysterious creature could be some form of a large bird. Such as the spotted wood-owl, and the Javan wood-owl.

From its appearance and behavior, the Javan wood-owl matches the characteristics of the ahool surprisingly well, despite the cryptid at first glance giving the impression of a mammal. Observer error due to the circumstances of being dive-bombed in a remote gloomy forest by a fierce snarling and clawing bird may well account for the apparent discrepancies. Notwithstanding, the wood-owls of Java are not generally mentioned in cryptozoological discussions of the ahool, and most authors of cryptozoologial works seem to be entirely unaware of the birds' existence. Be that as it may, it is not resolved how well the owls are known to locals, especially the local name - if any - and whether they are present in locations of ahool reports would seem to be highly relevant. It is also possible that the cry and the flying animal are not identical; even the local population is sometimes unaware which jungle animal makes which vocalization.