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Allegewi is a cryptid that lives in the Allegheny Mountain range that cuts through the United States and Canada.It is highly intelligent and appear to use tools and primitive cloth. It has also appeared to hunt for self entertainment rather than for survival , like some primates, like chimpanzee they capture there prey and then realises them in order to catch them again.It is described as a hairy giant race that lives in the Allegheny Mountain and eats human flesh. Some people report it being a large lizard man. They live in caves near the top of the mountains and the are predatory, they prefer to hunt for their meal.The allegewi were related to the earlier discovered Adena tribe. They were said to be some of the largest indians of North America. These locals were seperated from others by their prominant chins and cranial cavities. They were also some of the strongest and best dieted indians alive; ranging from 15-25 ft. tall.

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