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The Amomongo (Negros Ape) is an unconfirmed primate said to exist on the Negros Island of the Philippines . The local people believe the cryptid lives in caves at the base of Mt. Kanlaon and they sometimes call the creature the “wild monkey”. It is described as being gorilla-like and stands about five and one half feet tall. It is hairy and the hands support long nails or claws. The nails are used as weapons to disembowel its prey such as chickens, goats and other small animals. The hair is white and the creature is generally reclusive staying away from humans.

Even though there are officially no great apes in the Philippines (other than zoos), there have been many sightings of the Amomongo. On 9 June and following day and night of 10 June, 2008; an event was reported to the police and Mayor Alberto Nicor by two residents Elias Galves and Salvador Aguilar. The two men were attacked, but managed to escape suffering several wounds. Animals in the area were gutted and the creature was devouring the entrails.

The Police launched an investigation and were able to confirm the attacks on the men and animals through various other local witnesses. Mayor Nicor believes the Amomongo is a wild animal and not a witch orAswang. He believes the cryptid was driven from the hills by hunger or human encroachment, and it was desperate enough to venture into the human’s village. However, the villagers were quick to arm themselves with arrows and weapons to protect themselves and their live stock.

Many crypto zoologists believe this cryptid is a hoax. They point out apes are not white, but this does not account for the possibility of an albino. The skeptics also point out there are no great apes in the Philippines. However, they do not account for the dense jungles of the Philippines. In 1971, anthropologists discovered an unknown tribe of native humans theTasaday.

Those who believe the account of the attacks say it would be very difficult to pull off such a hoax. The sheer number of animals slaughtered, the locations, and number of credible witnesses would be very hard for any one person to accomplish. The Pilipino police are a no non-sense group. They have a reputation of shooting and then sorting things out later. A hoaxer or team of hoaxers would not only have to survive the police, but they would have to face the farmers who would certainly solve the problem. The risk of being caught is not worth the hoax.