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Sketch of the axehandle hound.

The Axehandle Hound (sometimes spelled as axhandle hound, ax-handle hound, or similar), is an American fearsome critter of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Overall, it resembles a dog with a roughly axe-like shape. It has a head shaped like an axe blade, complemented by a handle-shaped body atop short stubby legs. It subsists on a diet consisting entirely on the handles of axes which have been left unattended.

A nocturnal creature, the axehandle hound travels from camp to camp searching for its next meal.In Minnesota, there is a canoe-access campground named Ax-Handle Hound after the folklore creature. It can be found on the Little Fork River near Voyageurs National Park and very near the town of Linden Grove.

The bane of supply and depot camps Northern logging operations. It has a head Shaped like Peavy axe. The body is slender and axe-handle Shaped, with short stumpy legs. Looks a good deal like a dachshund but really bears a closer resemblance to B. B. Bickford’s bureau dog.

Distinctly a nocturnal prowler. Frequents the camps after nlghtfall hunting for axe and peavy handles, of which it is voracious fond. One hound has been known to consume two boxes of DB handles and sixteen six-foot peavy stocks in one night's eating. They make nice pets, but are costly to feed Jim Peters once tamed one. That was short-sighted, because Jim had a wooden leg made from an axe-helve. The only Way he could keep his leg whole was to wear it to bed. But he got rid of the pup by feeding it red oak handles, Which it dislikes as heartily as any experienced chopper.