Baquedano Thing is a cryptid reported from Chile, June 2000.


Upon hearing the frenetic barking of his dogs, security guard Luis Alberto Calivar armed himself with a flashlight and a knife and went outside to investigate. Soon his lights illuminated a dark greenish form that ran very quickly, climbing up a Wasintonia palm. As he shone the flashlight at the figure he felt his arm become "cold" and the knife and watch dropped out of his hand. At the same time, the dogs stood very quiet and still. A feeling of numbness overcame his body and he ran back inside his security shack. He was followed by the dogs that hid under the room and began to shake in fear.

He could only describe the creature as having large flopping ears, fluid-like in nature, as if it was without a solid bone structure. It gave the appearance of being a flexible mass that moved around 'like a kangaroo' (?). It moved silently and was about 1.30m in height. When he first spotted the creature it seemed to have been crouching down, behind a bush. It seemed to twist its body around and never looked straight at the witness. Incredibly, despite the reactions, the witness felt no fear and did not notice any odors coming from the creature.

The encounter lasted about 5 minutes and the creature was about 9 meters away from the witness. He further described the creature as having greenish hairs about 5 to 6cm in length. Soon after the encounter, Calivar had too see a doctor and lost about 20 pounds of body weight.

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