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The Beast of Dean in the UK is one of the stranger cryptids that have researched. There is not much printed information on the creature, but the legend stems as far back as 1802 in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England. When studying this cryptid, it should be noted there were no wild bores in England at that time. They were all extinct unless someone imported a large bore and let it free in the forest.

The beast is described as being very large, and is sometimes described as a moose with a pig’s head. Other accounts refer to it as being a very large bore with an unearthly roar. It was a powerful animal and was wreaking havoc on the local farmer’s land, live stock and trees. It was said to be large enough to push down trees, crush hedges, and break down fences. Finally, the villagers of Parkend decided to rid themselves of the beast and organized a hunt to either capture or kill it. The expedition was fruitless. They found no creature, track or trace of the animal.

There have been three reported sightings or events. The first was the event in 1802 that started the legend or myth. Something did ravage the live stock and created damage at that time. The next sighting was more recent in 1998. Two local farmers reported an incident where an animal resembling a bore, but as large as a cow, charged them from the bushes. They were able to escape. The most recent sighting was on 7 November, 2005. A young couple was on their way to Mitcheldean for work at approximately 5am. They stated they were near Pygmy Pineturn and Mireystock crossroads when they saw it emerge from the bushes. They described it as being the size of a large black dog, but it definitely was not a dog. It showed no fear of the humans.

In the science fiction realm, the beast was transported through a worm-hole and placed here on earth to guard an alien artifact. This makes for a possible good story, but it is not based on the actual legend/lore or fact.

Regardless, this Moose-Pig cryptid falls into our realm of Cryptozoology. It is worth noting and watching for any further developments in that area.