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Blue Horse is an odd blue-colored horse of South Africa. Shoulder height, just under 5 feet. Smooth, blue-mauve skin. Completely hairless. Buff-colored face. One large, beige patch on its back. Tail like a pig’s. Can be broken in for riding. Performs well in harness.


In South Africa in 1860, a man named Lashmar spotted a blue-colored horse in a herd of Quaggas (Equus quagga). He captured it and sent it to Cape Town, where it was sold and sent to London in 1863. It was rid-den as a fox-hunting horse on Lord Stamford’s estate, examined by Charles Spooner at the Royal Veterinary College in London, then sold in February 1868 to a Mr. Moffat for exhibition at the Crystal Palace. By then its original blue coloration had faded to gray.

Possible explanation[]

  • A mutant form of a gene controlling hair development could produce hairlessness, according to Karl Shuker. Presence of the pigment eumelanin in combination with others might result in a blue color. Where the horse came from or why it was accompanying a herd of quaggas is unknown.