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Blurrs are vague human-like figures that you see, often randomly on the side of tree lined roads, or -- more often, foggy vacant streets. Considering their enigmatic nature, most people believe that if a person was to try to focus on discerning more about them by looking at them...they'd find it difficult, because of their hazy, blurry, mirage like appearance.

Myth says that, they emit a frequency of sound that intereferes with one's perception...which makes you normally dismiss them altogether. Other lore suggests that they're shapeshifters and that when you see them in vague haze you're seeing them in their true form.

Whether these are real creatures or not is up to debate. No one really knows what they want, or what sustains them, or even if they're malevolent beings (though if they are, some say that they can be killed like anything that's real...with knives, guns, etc. -- so long as they're in a solid and visible discernable form). Often mistaken for other spirits, or ghosts of deceased human beings, even though they don't tend to appear in highly populated places, rumors and speculation continues nontheless.