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Bologna Horror is a strange cryptid reported from Poggio Umbricchio, Italy - July 28, 1999 - 6:30 am.


Two teenage brothers, Giacomo and Alfio, were collecting mushrooms in a pine grove near their home when a loud rustling sound attracted their attention to some nearby trees. They stood looking at the spot where the noise had originated from and waited in total silence for about 15 minutes. Suddenly they heard loud grunting sounds coming from the brush.

Curious, both boys walked toward the brush to see what was making the strange sounds. Suddenly out of the brush stepped out a bizarre creature covered in dark black hair, about 1.50 meters in height, with an oblong shaped face with four eyes, two on top and two closer to a snout-like nose. It had normal hairless ears and what appeared to be five clawed legs. The creature stared at the boys with a malevolent gaze full of hate. As both watched in horror four other similar creatures walked out of the woods. Both witnesses fled the area in a panic. Later they debated whether to notify local authorities, but they decided against it.

Source: CUN Bologna


Gianfranco Degli Esposito of CUN Bologna left a footnote stating that both boys gave credible anecdotal evidence and where genuinely fearful when they returned to the site with Esposito. The investigator notes that a similar report was filed in 1951 with police in a nearby jurisdiction. This was 35 years before the boys were born.