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Werewolf by wert23-d3ij2i4.jpg

The Cajun Werewolf aka Rougarou is a canine-like humanoid that lurks around the woods and swamps of Louisiana. The monster has a hairy human body and the head of a vicious wolf.

If you are bitten by the werewolf(Just like in folklore) or just stare into its cursed eyes, they them selves will turn into an animalistic brute your self. The only cure for this ghastly curse is for the victim to keep his condition a secret for a week and a day.  If the individual manages this feat, then both they and the rougarou who attacked them will be freed from the monstrous form.

The creature is thought to be the guardian of the woods and swamps of Louisiana. If you mistreat any part of the woods or swamps such try and hunt down some of the wildlife then it will appear and try to attack you.