In 1967 12-year old Paul Nelson (pseudonym) was visiting the island with his parents. Also along was Paul’s best friend, Michael. The two boys decided to go inside their boat and read some new comic books. Suddenly, however, they both experienced an episode of missing time.

Their next memory was of waking up the next morning. While Paul was unable to convince his parents that anything unusual had happened, both Paul and his friend knew that the event was strange. Two weeks later, Paul was alone in his Reseda California home when he had another strange experience. He was alone in his room when the door began to rattle. He jumped up and threw it open. To his shock, he saw the shadow of a small figure running down the hallway. He chased after it, but found nothing.

Paul didn’t know how to explain these experiences and didn’t connect it to the UFO phenomenon. Many years later now married and a doctor Paul underwent hypnosis to recover his lost memories. As Paul underwent regression, his first surprise was that he was not aboard a UFO, but instead appeared to be in underground base. Paul says he was taken to a round walled room. It seemed to him that it was more of an underground facility than onboard a ship. The walls had kind of rock-like facet to them. And he was lying on a rock-like table. It gave the impression that he was in a cavern rather than in a ship. Under hypnosis Paul recalled his friend Michael nearby, also being examined. His next surprise was that the beings were not what he expected.

The beings were not the “typical” grays; they were more like the “Praying Mantis” type. They were slightly bigger than the grays and a little more Insectoid-like. They wore tight-fitting uniforms. There was even a color to them but he couldn’t recall what the color of the tight-fitting jump-suit like things.

He thinks that there was one in the group that wore a tunic-like outfit, more loosely fitting over it. He couldn’t tell how tall they were since he was lying on his back. But they didn’t look particularly tall.

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