Caucasian Black Cat (Felis daemon, given by K. A. Satunin in 1904.) is a mystery cat of Armenia and Azerbaijan, south of the Caucasus Mountains. Length, 22–30 inches. Black with a reddish tinge to reddish-brown. Thin scattering of white hairs all over. Lighter below. Black stripes on the flanks. Tail, 13–15 inches long.

Significant sightingEdit

Described by K. A. Satunin on the basis of two mounted specimens, skins, and skulls in the Leningrad Academy of Sciences.

Possible explanationsEdit

  • Melanistic morph of the Caucasian wildcat (Felis silvestris caucasica).
  • Feral Domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus), according to S. I. Ognev and Reginald Pocock.
  • Feral cat x Caucasian wildcat hybrid, suggested by Karl Shuker. Possibly similar to the Kellas Cat of Scotland.
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