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Columbia River Sand Squink is a Fearsome Critter of the stories of hunters and sheep-herders North America. Living in the mountains of Washington, it comes out only at night. It has the body of a coyote with the pattern of a bob-cat. It has the curved bushy tail of a squirrel with ears that are long like a jack-rabbit. The Sand Squink goes down by the river and eats anything it can find swimming in the waters. However, the Columbia River Sand Squink loves to eat electric eels and consumes many in its lifetime. When it is hungry, it grows very weak and hides from other creatures. Once it has eaten, it returns to full strength and prows the land for bigger prey than fish.

It will stalk a lone traveler and appear ahead of them touching its ears with its tail. Having eaten a lot of electric eels, the alternating touch of its tail from one ear to the next, lets off electric sparks. This entertains the traveler who follows it and is never seen again.

The Columbia River Sand Squink builds nest and lays eggs lined with bakelite.