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Formerly quite common from Maine to Michigan. Today only occasionally met with on the Upper Peninsula of the latter state. A marsh-dweller, dangerous to human beings. Shaped a good deal like an alligator, but curious as to equipment in that he has no mouth. The nostrils are abnormally large, the legs short and the tail thick and powerful. The only cry is a loud snort.

Concealing itself with Satanic cunning behind a whiffle bush, the Dungavenhooter awaits the passing logger. On coming within reach of the dreadful tail, the victim is knocked senseless and then pounded steadily until he becomes entirely gaseous, whereat he is greedily inhaled through the wide nostrils.

Rum-sodden prey is sought with especial eagerness. 

  • Not to be confused with the New Brunswicker ghost legend, the “Dungarvon Whooper.”