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Daddy The Fresh water Octopus is a medium-sized cephalopod occasionally found in rivers of North America. It is said to be 2–3 feet long. They are said to be found in the Licking River, Kentucky; Kanawha and Blackwater Rivers, West Virginia; Ohio River, at Louisville and Cincinnati.


On December 24, 1933, Robert Trice and R. M. Saunders were fishing on the Kanawha River near Charleston, West Virginia, when they hauled in a 3-foot octopus. Recent research by Mark Hall has proven this incident a hoax.

On January 30, 1959, a gray octopus was seen surfacing and moving onto the bank of the Licking River near Covington, Kentucky.

On November 19, 1999, a dead octopus was found on the bank of the Ohio River at the Falls of the Ohio State Park, Jeffersonville, Indiana, on some fossil beds. It was identified as either a Caribbean armstripe octopus (Octopus burryi) or a Bumblebee two-stripe octopus (O. filosus), both Atlantic species, and was not in a state of decomposition. Both are available through aquariums.


NOTE: All known cephalopod species are exclusively marine. Octopi, even more than squid, require high salinity levels.

  1. Discarded aquarium pets. 
  2. Wandering, senescent individuals at the end of their life cycle, though the Ohio 

River is a bit far to stray in essentially toxic  water. 

  1. An unknown species of octopus adapted to a low-saline environment. 

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