Galley-Trot is a haunting white shaggy dog of northern Britain and Suffolk that haunted old derelict buildings and ancient cemeteries.

It is difficult to spot and causes fear amongst men. A strange white hound the size of a bullock would appear when a serious disease or injury was about to happen. Then the dog would sit outside of the terminally ill person until their death. It was also known to hide on the lonely roads and to hunt down wandering travellers at night killing and eating them.

In another variation some say the Galley Trot had body parts of a human such as a human with a dogs head. They lived in ancient buildings and old burial grounds where a great sum of treasure could be found. however the sight of a Galley Trot was a dark omen of your own death. In various parts of Wales people refer to this beast as the 'Dog of Death'.

The Galley Trot has been known to live at the Woodbridge in Dunwich and the bog of Bathslough.

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