Goodenough Island Bird is a mystery bird reported from Goodenough Island, Papua New Guinea. Black plumage. Size of a small crow. Long tail. Call is a short, explosive rattle.

One member of the 1953 Fourth Archbold Expedition saw a crowsized, black bird high in the treetops on Goodenough. Zoologist James Menzies saw a group of these birds in the forest canopy of Mount Oiamadawa on December 28, 1975.

Possible explanations Edit

  • An unknown species of Bird of paradise (Astrapia sp.), Honeyeater (Meliphaga sp.), or Drongo (Family Dicruridae). 
  • The Paradise crow (Lycocorax pyrrhopterus), suggested by Karl Shuker, although this is thought to be endemic to Halmahera, Bacan, Obi, and adjacent islands in Indonesia.
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