Gowrow is a giant lizard, said to live in caves of Arkansas (Boone and Searcy Counties, northern Arkansas). It has two tusks on its heads and is 20ft in length. Makes an assortment of groans and hisses. Sometime before 1935, E. J. Rhodes heard a commotion in a deep cavern called Devil’s Hole, 3 miles northwest of Myrtle, Arkansas. He crawled down 200 feet to investigate, but couldn’t see anything. Later, when he lowered a flatiron on a rope into the cavern, something bit through the rope.

Possible explanationsEdit

  • Classic example of Ozark folk humor.
  • A legend based on the Alligator (Crocodylus acutus), which lives in the southern two-thirds of Arkansas and grows to 12 feet long.
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