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The Western Star has reported that the carcass of a large, headless monstrosity of unknown origin was discovered on a beach on Newfoundland’s Bay of Islands lower north shore.

This bizarre specimen has drawn the attention of curiosity seekers since a local man, Warrick Lovell, stumbled across the strange find while on a walk on February 24th, 2010. Lovell expressed his own curiosity regarding the creature’s origins:

“It would be nice to see if anyone knows what it is. First I thought it was a seal washed up (on the high tide earlier in the day), but when I went down to check on my boat that evening, I walked over to see and then I knew it wasn’t a seal… But, I don’t know what it is.”


The headless remains have been described as being approximately 15-foot in length with a squarish torso, a pointed, 10-foot tail twisted in the sand and what appears to be a single flipper-like appendage on its right side.

It also has patches of hair, which beg (at least extremely speculative) comparison to other curious carcasses such as Trunko and the Glacier Island Carcass. That having been said, the locals seem to have something more akin to a typical Lake Monster type of creature on their mind. Rich Park, who was among the first to see the remains of the dessicated beast, first speculated that the large hunk of flesh might be a tentacle off a giant squid, but on closer inspection it became clear that the “hairy” protrusion was not a tentacle. Others have even gone so far as to suggest that this creature may be some kind of “super seahorse.”

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The Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Corner Brook has retrieved tissue samples of the carcass, which they will subject to a battery of tests in an effort to reach some conclusions about the identity of this mystery beast, which has brought in curious onlookers by the droves. Basil Park, a member the burgeoning crowd, had this to say about the perplexing “thing” that washed up from the sea:

“I’ve lived here all my life and never seen anything like it… There’s fishermen around here who fished all their lives and they couldn’t tell you.”