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The Hoopajuba is a most peculiar creature apart of the Fearsome Critters that featured in the tall tales of the emerging America at the turn of the last century. The Hoopajuba is a strange fish that lives in the bottom of the lake and loves to eat mud worms. The Hoopajuba is usually caught by fishermen for a tasty meal but there is only one known way to catch one.

First, one must row into the middle of a lake where Hoppajubas live. Then one must drill a hole in the bottom of the lake where the fish lives. Then row back to shore and hide. Make the sound of mud worms very loudly and clearly. The Hoopajuba will hear this and come swimming towards you. It holds its tail in its mouth and spins like a wheel on land rushing straight towards you. When the Hoopajuba is close, put your arm through its hole and put it in your basket.

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