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The giant prehistoric shark...

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Hook Island Sea Monster

Gigantic tadpole??

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Are aliens amongst us?

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Don't look it in the eyes...

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Maruku2009 Maruku2009 23 April 2018

I'm Having Trouble Finding an Extraterrestrial

I'm having trouble finding an extraterrestrial It was sighted in 1972 and it wore clothes like us H…

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Dunkleosteus54 Dunkleosteus54 2 February 2016


I personally think it is the Dunkleosteus that ate the Kaikō submarine in the mariana trench.


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Owl Wolf14 Owl Wolf14 24 July 2015

Sykesville Monster Information

I was really wanting to do a page on the Sykesville Monster but there's hardly any articles on the …

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Dominic2003 Dominic2003 5 December 2015

Hi im new!

Hi im new feel free to tell me the rules and join my wiki! :D

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