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In a span of less than three months two unusual carcasses washed ashore on the same stretch of New Zealand beach. Skeptics maintain that they are nothing more than shark remains, but the photographic evidence may indicate otherwise.

On December 12, 1998 and on January 26, 1999, Mrs. Bev Elliott took a series photographs that showed two decaying carcasses, which had both washed up on the same stretch of beach located on the Kaikoura Peninsula in New Zealand. Of course, the first reaction from mainstream scholars was that the photographs showed nothing more than two massively decomposed carcasses of what were once basking sharks.

Even though this conclusion has settled the matter for most of the academic world, there are still some researchers who remain intrigued by the apparently serpentine tail shown in one of the pictures.


While it is difficult to decided conclusively one way or the other – based solely on the available images – what the creatures’ identities may or may not be, it is worth noting that New Zealand has been the resting place for more than one curious carcass.