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A more modern account of mysterious remains hails from the mist shrouded shores of Sumatra. This case seemingly fell through the cracks until Indonesian marine enthusiast, Ada Emeralda, brought the story to at least minor global attention in the summer of 2000. Although there aren't many details included in her report, it still serves as an interesting—and recent—addition to this ever growing list.

According to Emeralda, a local news report stated that on May 20, 2000, the carcass of a large, unidentified animal was found on Mentigi beach, which was located approximately 75-miles south of Tanjung Pandan, on Belitung Island of south Sumatra. Described as being over 18-feet in length, the animal's weight was reported as being nearly 3-tons.

Perhaps the carcass's most intriguing features were a pair of tusks, which were said to measure almost 6-feet each. The size of this animal, as well as the tusks, have lead to the inevitable comparisons between the "Mentigi Monster" and its more famous Egyptian cousin the "Ataka Carcass", as well as Mexico's infamous "Tecoluta Sea Monster", and the less renowned native Samoan creature known as the "Suwarrow Island Devilfish."

According to Emeralda's report, the stench emitted by the creature's remains was so intense that natives claimed they could not escape it, even when they retreated to a distance of over 500 yards. Her report further claimed that the animal had been seen frolicking less than a mile off the Sumatran shoreline just ten days before its demise. This lends further credence to the assumption that this carcass is more than just that of a decomposing whale.