Two men were riding a car on a local road outside of Murmansk, Russia - Summer 1995 - 8:30 PM. Despite being in the evening it was still light out. The road was about 4 meters wide and was asphalt and surrounded by fields and tall canes on both sides. The road was straight and there was excellent visibility.

At approximately 15-20 meters in front of the car a strange creature was seen running across the road. The creature looked bird-like and it was visibly huge. The entity had long legs, about 2 meters long, dark feathers along the back and an odd shaped body. Unfortunately the witnesses were unable to see any additional details, but discerned that the strange 'bird' was similar to a 'running reptile.'

They stopped the car but realized that it was useless to look for the strange entity amid the dense cane fields. One of the witnesses, while reading a book on dinosaurs, found a picture that depicted almost exactly what he and his friends had seen. The image was later identified as a dinosaur from the Order Ornithischia.

Local naturalist stated that no species of animal fitting that description lives in the region.

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