is a mystery lizard, reported from caves and riverbanks of New Zealand. Enormous reptile. Dark  color. Serrated dorsal crest. Projecting upper lip. Large teeth. Eats roots and small birds. Makes gutteral sounds.

Possible explanations Edit

  • Delcourt’s giant gecko (Haplodactylus delcourti ), a short-headed, bulky lizard measuring 2 feet long and known only from one specimen of uncertain provenance. 
  • The Tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus), a 2-foot long, burrow-dwelling,  rhynchocephalian reptile with a high head and crest. The term Ngarara was used for the Tuatara as early as 1842. 
  • The Otago skink (Oligosoma otagense), a heavy-bodied animal that grows up to 12 inches long. 
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