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The Partridge Creek Beast is said to be a living Ceratosaurus of Canada. It lives in the Yukon territory of Partridge creek, Canada. This creature terrorized a certain family with it's muscular build and ferocious mouth.

This creature is said to be 50 feet long, be 40 tons in weight, solid black in color, be bipedal, have boar-like bristly hair, sharp teeth, and a single horn on it's snout. It was said to roar loudly and have an appetite for caribou. It's footprints were 5 feet long and 2 feet and 6 inches wide with claws 1 foot long. It's tail impression was 10 feet long and 16 inches wide.

The creature has made it's indentation in history with it's 2 known sightings.


James Lewis Buttler and Tom Leemore were hunting moose near Clear Creek when the animals they were stalking burst away in a sudden rapid fright after they had been extremely quiet. They discovered the gigantic tracks of some animal that appeared to be a tail impression. hey followed it for a while, until the tracks disappeared into a deep rocky gorge. They later met Georges Dupuy, Fr. Pierre Lavagneux and 5 anonymous Indians. They decided to search for the monster. They were unsuccessful until they saw it near their campsite for 10 minutes. They had a very clear look at it.


Lavagneux claimed to have seen the creature again on December 24 as it carried a deceased caribou in it's gaping jaws. It left tracks identical to the tracks recorded 4 years earlier and was seen in the same area too.

Whatever this animal was, we might never know as these are the only sightings and they took place more than a century ago. It may have migrated to another region, it may have went extinct, it may have even been the last remaining species of the creature, and it soon died. Lavagneux claims it was a Ceratosaurus as it fit the description of the beast they saw. If this is truly what it is, it would be the part of a major scientific break-through.