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Big snake

Peninsula Python is a giant snake of Northeastern Ohio. Length, 15–19 feet. Dark, with brownish blotches. Can climb trees. Rears up like a cobra. Raids henhouses. Tracks: Width of an automobile tire. It is believed that it is big due to its mutation, as a chemical spill occurred where the snake resides, leaving all of its residents to leave, only now the snake remains where it slithers around the peninsula, nowhere to be sighted again.

Significant sighting[]

Clarence Mitchell saw an 18-foot snake crawling across his cornfield near Peninsula, Ohio, on June 8, 1944. After several days of effort, a posse that had been formed on June 25 failed to find any evidence other than broken branches and trails leading to the Cuyahoga River. Reports of a large snake were made through August 1 by other residents of the valley, including Pauline Hopko, who said it slithered away from a willow tree in her yard and frightened her cows so much that they broke loose and ran away.

Possible explanation[]

  • An escaped snake from a carnival truck that supposedly crashed in the area around 1934.