Big snake

Peninsula Python is a giant snake of Northeastern Ohio. Length, 15–19 feet. Dark, with brownish blotches. Can climb trees. Rears up like a cobra. Raids henhouses. Tracks: Width of an automobile tire.

Significant sightingEdit

Clarence Mitchell saw an 18-foot snake crawling across his cornfield near Peninsula, Ohio, on June 8, 1944. After several days of effort, a posse that had been formed on June 25 failed to find any evidence other than broken branches and trails leading to the Cuyahoga River. Reports of a large snake were made through August 1 by other residents of the valley, including Pauline Hopko, who said it slithered away from a willow tree in her yard and frightened her cows so much that they broke loose and ran away.

Possible explanationEdit

  • An escaped snake from a carnival truck that supposedly crashed in the area around 1934.
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