The Quang Khem ("slow-running deer") or Chinh's deer is an animal resembling a deer, found in the Pu Mat region of Vietnam, close to Vũ Quang. It first came to scientific attention through the work of biologist Nguyen Ngoc Chinh.

In 1994, biologist Nguyen Ngoc Chinh was given a Quang khem skull by hunters in the Pu Mat Reserve. DNA  from similar skulls could not be matched with any known species by Peter Arctander at the University of Copenhagen.

It is curious for its antlers, which, unlike those of other deer, are unpronged, in fact resembling the curled horns of an antelope. Quang khem skulls culled by Dr Nguyen have been sent to Copenhagen University, where they are being studied by Dr Peter Arctander, who has so far been unable to relate them to any known deer species. As a result, its taxonomic status remains undefined and no binomial name has been assigned yet.

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