The Great Rift Valley — which was so named by Scottish explorer John Walter Gregory — divides Kenya almost straight down the length of the nation, essentially separating east from west. This region is characterized by inhospitable desert, fertile farmland, flat arid plains, steep cliffs and at least one very usual, scaly, fin-backed monster.

Reports of this creature (or creatures) have been sparse to say the least, but eyewitnesses have indicated that the Great Rift Valley is the home of a large, spiny-finned, carnivore, which a few cryptozoologists have speculated may actually be an animal known as the Dimetrodon grandis.

Contrary to popular belief, the Dimetrodon was not a dinosaur; rather it was a unique, mammal-like reptile, which some scientists have speculated may even have been distantly related to the human race! Notable for the large, sail-like fin which adorns its spine, this specimen from the family known as sphenacodonts, would make for a formidable sight, to say the least.

That having been said, many fortean researchers remain skeptical regarding the existence of this animal, stating that the tourist infested Kenya could not possibly conceal a creature such as this.

Of course, there is precedence to the contrary, including the recently discovered Congolese primate colloquially known as the Lion Killer Ape. Beyond this is the fact that Africa has long been renowned for harboring allegedly prehistoric beasts such as the Mokele-Mbembe, Emela-Ntouka, and the Kongamato.

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