There have been many little-known sightings of small, therapod-like reptiles commonly seen in or near rivers. These are often called names like "River Dinos", "River Lizards", "Prairie Devils", and "Mini T.-Rexs" by the locals. They have been reported across the country, with most sightings in and around Colorado.


In Oklahoma a raptor-creature was sighted. It might have actually have been a River Dino.


River Dinos are reported in very wild and isolated areas in Colorado and nearby states, like Utah. They are often seen near rivers


They appear to be somewhat similar to Compsognathus, a small species of dinosaur, and are compared to three-foot tall bipeal lizards.

Possible Identity Edit

It has been suggested by some researchers that these animals could perhaps represent an undiscovered species of bipedal iguanid lizard.

Seen AlsoEdit

Aside from the Burrunjor, all of these have been suggested to be the same creature

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