The Saru is an bizarre herbivorous dinosaur of which has been subject to an extreme amount of evolutionary adaptability.

Surprisingly descended from a sauropod, like the Mokele-Mbembe... This adaptation seems to have occurred in order for the animal to fill the ecological niche of the Iguanodonts and Hardrosaurus which are surprisingly absent ....

Behaviour: A herbivore often seen browsing on mid-height vegetation. The Saru can be aggressive if attacked and can kill small predators but prefers to flee in most circumstances. It is terrestrial but can swim if need be. It moves very slowly, balancing with its long tail. Max Height: 9.8 ft (3 metres) [9 ft?]

Max Length: 33 ft (10 metres) [24 ft? As per reports]

Max Weight: 3.5 tons (3.0 metric tonnes)

Diet: Herbivore

Rarity: Medium

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