The Simurgh is a magical Persian bird that appears in Indian myth. It is a gigantic bird with an impressive wingspan that can blot out the sun. It has an extremely long life span and lives in the mountains of Alberz. He is the symbol of unity. His name means ‘Thirty Birds’ and features in the 12th century poem by Attar called Conference of Birds. All the birds met together to ask why they have no king. All the birds suggest a king but the Hoopoe asks if the Simurgh could be their king. The birds then agree after the Hopoe’s speech about needing to unify with a leader or else they will never be free. They venture on a quest through the seven valleys of love, detachment and understanding to reach the Simurgh. Out of thousands of birds only thirty survive and gain the gift of immortality. The plumage of this bird is highly prized as it is used as a medicine. 

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